Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nichole Severn Interview

First of all, let me apologize for my lack of updates for a while. My family was hit by the vicious stomach bug and we are just now recovering.

Onward to Nichole's interview:

Do you prefer your heroes/heroines to be perfect or flawed?

I think every character has to have at least one flaw. In my opinion, flaws make characters real for me. They can be small, like a nervous laugh or tick, or larger, such as being unable to commit. Either way, I strive make sure readers can relate to my characters and the only way to do that, is the make them human.

Would you date your hero if he was a real person? Why or why not?

Mmmm...I’d definitely date the hero of White Trash Beautiful (if I wasn’t married). I constructed him after Dwayne Johnson :) Great smile, devoted, oh, yeah, and the rock-hard body.

What sort of environment do you write in? Totally silent? TV in background? Playlist?

All of the above! Depends on the time of day mostly and what type of writing I’m doing. For first drafts, I use playlists as background and inspiration. Revisions, editing and academic papers call for total silence, but the TV is always on in the background to please my husband.

How do you feel when people you know/meet find out you write erotica?

This is my first published romance, with a heat level 2, so I flat out told my in-laws not to read it. I have yet to find out what people think since it’s only been out for a couple days, but I’m nervous to see what they say when it comes to that last chapter.

In three words, describe your favorite scene in this book.

Suspenseful. Emotional. Sensual.

Blurb for White Trash Beautiful

Trey Aston is hiding from the mob.

Desperate to save life, she sells her body in order to make the monthly payments her father owes the mob, but when Trey discovers he hasn’t been making the payments, she’s forced to turn to the one man she hoped never to see again for help.

Deputy Luke Johnson refuses to acknowledge his high school sweetheart is a prostitute and is determined to make Trey see it for herself. Until she starts treating him as a client. His ability to know right from wrong is challenged and he isn’t the only one who’s noticed. The force doesn’t have his back where Trey is concerned, leaving him to fight against them for a criminal.

The Camino Family is out to make her pay, but what really has Trey on edge is the fact she’s fallen for the deputy who wants her behind bars.

All links can be found on my website: www.nicholesevern.com


  1. This sounds like a delightful book full of intrigue!

  2. Don't be nervous to hear feedback about your work. Be giddy with excitement. Everyone has different taste levels, but imagaination is expected to be wild & crazy. At least, it is in my world. Good luck, Nicole.