Friday, November 30, 2012

Interview: Alyssa Fox

Alyssa Fox is on my blog today to promote her new release from Evernight Publishing. Enjoy learning more about this sexy tale...

1) Tell us about your current new release. Did anything in particular inspire you to write it?
Betrayed is a reunion story between a husband and wife. Tasha has found some information that her boss is running a sex ring.  I knew while writing Bound To Protect that Katie’s brothers needed their own stories. Alex and Tasha started talking to me while writing that book.

2)      Who is your favorite character in the story? Why?
Wow, that’s like asking which one of my kids is my favorite. I can’t pick just one. There are different things about the characters that I love.

      3)      Do you find yourself drawn to a particular theme in erotica?
I find myself drawn to the BDSM theme. My heroes all seem to be dominate. I never started out writing that way it just happened.

      4)      What are you currently working on? I’m working on book three in the Sizzling Nights series, which is Kevin’s book. He’s Katie’s other brother.

      5)      Random question: What is your favorite holiday? That would be July 4th because it’s hot outside. There’s family cookouts and watching the fireworks together.

Alyssa can be found at her website. Twitter and Facebook


Tasha Thomas's life has been turned upside down. One day at work she finds evidence that her boss the Mayor is heading up a sex ring. She’s in over her head. He sends his men after her for knowing too much information. After escaping her kidnappers, she runs to her husband Alex for help.

Alex is shocked to see his wife who left months ago on his doorstep. He's never gotten over her leaving. He vows to protect her with the very last breath in his body. Except all the evidence points to her being guilty of being the head of the sex ring, his FBI team has been trying to bring down. Can he prove her innocents and show her that they still belong together, before he losses her for good?


A hot palm pressed into her hips, forcing out a shaky breath. Alex stood behind her.
“Move your legs back some more,” he said in a low voice. “I’ll steady you. Just like that, good, now arch your back some more.”
His finger trailed across her spine, and without thinking, she arched toward him. Her mind stilled, and all she could think of was him, and how his hands held her. How she wanted him to do more, touch her further. Heat raced down her spine, pooling into her sex.
“Thanks.” She hoped he didn’t hear the way her voice shook.
His hand slid the rest of the way down her spine and over her ass. Tremors rushed through her body as he massaged like he had all day to keep her on edge. Alex pressed a finger close to the cleft, and she stopped breathing. He pushed his hand up her leg and into her shorts and panties. Without a warning, he plunged deep into her wet folds. Ruthless. He didn’t let her body get use to the sensation before he circled her sex. Nothing felt as good as her husband touching her.
 “Alex, we can’t.” No matter how badly she wanted him, she couldn’t risk her heart.
With a quick flick of his finger against her clit, all reasoning of why they couldn’t vanished. She grabbed her legs to keep steady.
“Shh, Tasha, feel me touching you. Don’t think for now.” Strain dripped with each word. He’d been as affected as her.
She couldn’t think even if she wanted to with the sensations washing over her body. Alex’s erection pressed against the small of her back. Blood rushed to her head making her lightheaded. She should say something, but words wouldn’t come—only moans. He wanted her as much as she wanted him in this moment. Her breasts ached with need as her nipples pebbled with each relentless stroke of her clit. As he drove her closer to the edge, she couldn’t catch her breath. Pure hot heat scorched across her body.
“Yes, right there, oh my, Alex!” she screamed out her climax.
He moved back as he helped her stand. Slowly, she raised her hands to her head as the blood drained back, and the lightheadedness she felt started to fade. Spots danced on the outside of her vision. She closed her eyes and waited for the rushing feeling and the room to stop spinning. What just happened? Damn it, she’d let her guard down for what? An orgasm? No, make that a mind blowing one. One she would do all over again.
She took a deep breath in, opened her eyes and saw him staring back at her. Her heart ached to let go, to fall in his arms forever and never leave.
Tasha turned on her heels and made her way to the door. She had to get away, before they did more than they already had. Alex’s hand wrapped around her bicep, not too tight, but enough to get her attention and silently tell her they weren’t finished. She tried to jerk away from his grasp, but he wouldn’t have any of that, and he pulled her against the hard pecks of his chest.
“Where are you going?” his raspy voice growled. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's talk about (rough) sex, baby.

All four of my published books have at least a very small undercurrent of S&M running through it. In The Silver Stiletto, I really began to explore this further. Each man (and there are three) that Cinderella encounters has a varying level of dominance. 

The story I am currently working on (no official title as of yet) is my official plunge into full-on BDSM. We're talking spanking, spreader bars, blindfolds, commands, and more. And it is deliciously fun. Better still, there's a genuine romance and budding love.

Though, I can already imagine the questions I will get from friends and family if I am fortunate enough to have it published. It seems as though with each new book that comes out, I get more. 

"Oh my God. Have you really ______?"
"I've always wondered about ____, what can you tell me?"

A lady doesn't kiss and tell! She just puts it in her books. ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Long time no blog

It's been too long, friends and readers (and hopefully friends who are readers!).

What excuses can I make for my absence? Let's see. I started a new job, moved to a new house, have a toddler, am trying to finish my degree, so on and so forth. Lame!

So, what's new? My fourth book (and the first from Breathless Press) released on November 16th. Isn't the cover positively mouthwatering? You can purchase it from Breathless Press, All Romance Ebooks, Bookstrand, so on and so forth. But here is the Amazon link The Silver Stiletto

Also, feel free to look me up on Goodreads or Facebook.