Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's talk about (rough) sex, baby.

All four of my published books have at least a very small undercurrent of S&M running through it. In The Silver Stiletto, I really began to explore this further. Each man (and there are three) that Cinderella encounters has a varying level of dominance. 

The story I am currently working on (no official title as of yet) is my official plunge into full-on BDSM. We're talking spanking, spreader bars, blindfolds, commands, and more. And it is deliciously fun. Better still, there's a genuine romance and budding love.

Though, I can already imagine the questions I will get from friends and family if I am fortunate enough to have it published. It seems as though with each new book that comes out, I get more. 

"Oh my God. Have you really ______?"
"I've always wondered about ____, what can you tell me?"

A lady doesn't kiss and tell! She just puts it in her books. ;)

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