Monday, December 3, 2012

Interview with giveaway: Piper Kay

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing newly published author, Piper Kay. If you want to be entered for a chance to win a copy of Twisted Cherry, you must comment on this blog. A winner will be drawn from that.

1) So, Piper, I've been told that this is your first release! Congratulations, you must be thrilled. Tell us a little about your road to getting published. Was it long and hard? Did it just kind of happen? Did you start writing this piece with the intention of submitting it?
~Thank you so much Isabella. Twisted Cherry is my very first release and I’m beyond thrilled. When I wrote this short I had no intentions of submitting it, but after it was completed, a good friend encouraged me to submit. I figured I’d never know if I didn’t try, so I said ‘what the heck, go for it’ and I did. Two weeks after turning in my submission to Evernight Publishing, I received the acceptance email. After staring at the words for several minutes making sure I read it correctly, I started jumping up and down, screaming bloody murder. All the while smiling and crying.

2) Who is your favorite character in this story? Tell us about him or her.
~My favorite character in the story is Gabe. He’s the owner of the Twisted Cherry tattoo parlor and a very sexy, down to earth bad boy. He’s openly gay and makes an excellent and patience teacher for first time Evan. He can be very serious when it comes to his work, but he’s also pretty funny.

3) How are you inspired? Do you have to sit down and really muse, or is it more of passing fancies?
~I don’t think my muse ever sleeps. He seems to jump in, absorbing everything in sight, whether it be a certain movement, music or a conversation. His particular turn-on is music.

4) How old were you when you first began writing?
~Well, they taught me in Kindergarten-hahaha, just kidding Isabella. I actually started writing when I was 42 years old. Yes, a late bloomer. When I was younger, I would journal and jot down notes on things, but I never took it serious until a couple years ago.

5) Random question: Tell us about your favorite place to travel.
~I’ve never traveled too much outside of my home state of Texas. Of the few places I’ve been, I guess my favorite is Hawaii. I used to live there and have found it to be one of the most incredible and beautiful places I’ve ever been. I’d love to go back one day.

Interesting! Onward to the blurb and excerpt for Twisted Cherry.

Evan is hiding his urges for other men the only way he know how-by pretending to live a life of wenching, and by seeking the needle of tattoo artists who impart a kind of guilty pain. But when he meets Gabe, owner of the Twisted Cherry tattoo parlor, he cannot hide his desire for the hot and sexy guy. Gabe, openly gay, proceeds to show Evan how he can be tattooed not just by a needle, but by very hot love too.


Gabe flashes his catch sexy smile at me, as he slides his hands up under my shirt. He lifts my shirt over my head and throws it over the side of the couch. I’m now standing buck naked for the first time in my life, in front of a man. My nerves are shot.
He guides my hands, helping me remove his shirt too. I step completely out of my pants leg that’s still around my ankle. He looks me up and down with an eat-me-up grin.
Admiring his chest, the firmness and build of his pecs, I spread my hands across him. He’s tight and hard. The small amount of chest hair tickles my fingertips. God, this man is fucking lickable.
Gabe wraps both arms around me, pulling me forcefully into him. The feel of our naked chests, skin to skin, hardens my dick again and there’s no way to stop it. Shit, I don’t want to stop it.
His nipples rise into hard nubs and push against mine. Running my hands along his back, I trace the muscular curves in his back. He takes my ass into his hands, squeezing me tight, but gentle.
He slips his hands around to my front and squats a little. He begins tracing his fingers inside my thighs, up and down, teasing.
Gabe takes my hands and leads them to the button on his pants. He begins giving me kisses again. His tongue parts my lips, and his kisses are more tender than a woman’s. Saucy-sweet.
I unbutton his jeans, then slide the zipper down. I can feel him under his jeans, but he isn’t hard. How does he do that? I am at full attention here. He caresses my hands. Shit, they’re shaking from nerves.
Guiding my hands, he leads me to his waistband. Together, we slip his jeans over his hips and down his legs. He kicks his boots off and with his foot he guides his jeans off, one leg after the other.
He pulls back from the kiss, and stands there, not moving. I stare into his eyes, lost. I gaze down his bulging chest muscles, admiring the tattoo he has located right above his belly button. It looks like a portal of some sort. I reach with my finger tips and trace it. Continuing to look downwards, past the wicked navel, I see him in all his glory. He’s fucking magnificent.
Again, he guides my hands to him, to touch him. I’ve never touched another man. All I know is what feels good to me, so I wrap my hands around his cock like I would my own. I slowly stroke him, and he does the same for me.
Gabe is showing me every step of this. What he does to me, I do to him. It’s like follow the leader. Unable to resist, I move my mouth to his neck, licking him. His taste is kind of like sweat on leather, but also sweet. I smell his cologne. He’s wearing Stetson, my favorite. I lick and swirl my tongue up to his ear and nibble his lobe. He moans, and I almost get off just hearing him. This is the most satisfying sound I have ever heard in my fucking life.


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    1. Thank you Isabella for having me here. Avril, I'm so glad that you like it. :)

  2. You have crawled deep into the skin--and foreskin--of a man, Piper. I'm amazed that this is your first published work.

    Keep up the writing, and I hope to see more MM romances from you (my fave genre).

  3. Amazing excerpt Piper.. I am so excited for you. So a hot read indeed. Love it!! Congrats.

  4. Thank you so much Erin and Michelle. There is another MM in the works as we speak. Hope to have the rough draft done next week sometime. Thanks for stopping by today!

  5. A Stetson man, nice! Great excerpt.

  6. Thank you so much Tina, definitely a Stetson man! bwahahahha!

  7. congratulations on your first release! I loved the excerpt! On my TBB list!

  8. Kathleen is the winner. Thank you all for commenting!

  9. Congrats to you Kathleen! Hope you enjoy Twisted Cherry! :)