Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I have an updated blog tour schedule to share on Tuesday.

In other news, I am sooooooo close to finishing the second book in the Chosen series. I think I am stalling because I don't want it to be over. I love the characters so much. Of course, there's always the possibility of a third book. However, I love the moment they are in now.

Here's an excerpt from it (be kind, it's unedited and still a work in progress):

Set up: Caroline runs into her mother (Elise) at a wedding, while being escorted by Luke Stone.

“Caroline, darling! You look positively gorgeous. It’s a terrible shame that Prince Sloane isn’t here to see it, yes?”
            At the last part, Elise cut her eyes in Luke’s direction. It was obvious she was sizing him up, from the tip of his shoe to every single dark blonde hair on his head.
            “Yes, Mother. Sloane very much wanted to be here, but as you know, that isn’t possible right now. His leading the armies is vital to the success of the war. And surely, you want Bernehart and Scollfyld to be the victors?”
            Obviously ignoring Caroline, Elise turned fully to Luke and said,
            “And you, Lord Stone, must be quite disappointed that your parents couldn’t make the journey.”
            This was a definite burr. Elise, as did every other Scollfyldian, knew that the Duke and Duchess James Stone wouldn’t make an appearance at the wedding out of shame of their son having an affair with the princess of Bernehart. These were the cold truths of the difference between countries, and between Others and mortals. No one in Bernehart, especially Others, had even blinked at Luke becoming Sloane’s Second. In fact, most had awarded him nearly the same level of courtesy and respect they would have been expected to give the Prince himself.
            Luke took the jab with grace by merely saying, “Yes, I had wished to see them, but I am sure there will be other times. Why don’t we get into place for the ceremony?”
            Taking Caroline’s elbow, he led them away from her mother and towards the front of the group.
            “God’s thumb. Pardon me, Princess, but I forgot what a wench your mother can be.” He muttered as they took their places.
            Caroline sighed. “No need to apologize, Luke. She has a tendency to be simply awful. Only, I suppose it’s worse with you because of, well, you know.”
            “Oh,” whispered Luke conspiratorially, “I certainly do. She found me kissing you in my parent’s garden the summer after you started wearing your hair down and has never, ever forgiven me. Sometimes I can still hear her screeching in my nightmares.”
            Smirking, Caroline leaned into his shoulder and said, “Nor will she ever forgive you. We Haley women can hold a grudge.

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