Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Vampire's Bride with excerpt

Release date: April 26th
The Vampire’s Bride, takes place in the fictional country of Scollfyld during the 18th century. A decades old prophecy deems that the countries of Scollfyld and Bernehart will be united by the marriage of the Crown Prince Sloane Vaughan (of the royal vampire family of Bernehart) and the Chosen. The Chosen is a virginal girl of noble blood from Scollfyld who was born in the year 1761. The Prophecy states that the Chosen will stand by the Prince as he unites countries and leads an empire, but stipulates that if the marriage does not happen, then the rival vampire clan of the Scarclyfs will reign. Lady Caroline Haley is selected as the Chosen, but she struggles with this. Will she accept Sloane as her husband? And will she be strong enough to withstand the danger that being the Chosen puts her in?

 I was thrilled to finish my edits and receive a release date. And I realized that I finally had to stop procrastinating on making this blog active. What better way to kick off my first REAL blog post than to post an excerpt of my upcoming book?

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"“Lady Caroline, what ever would your father say if he saw you running? Aren’t ladies supposed to be docile and quiet?” Luke Stone called to her, raising his arms into a laughing shrug. He looked so handsome and strong, standing in the speckled sunlight beneath the canopy of leaves. The light shone off his dark blonde hair, and complemented his skin, tanned from hunting and other manly pursuits. She sped up again, and ran straight into his arms with such force that it nearly knocked the two of them to the ground. He wrapped his arms around her small waist and lifted her up to his face. His sky blue eyes smiled into hers, and he pressed his mouth against her lips hungrily.
            Softly, he set her back on the ground, and Caroline ran her hands up his neck and into his wavy hair. Gripping it, she pulled him harder into her and he slowly guided them first to their knees, and then to the ground. Caroline felt her head sink into a soft pile of leaves and didn’t care that her hair would be mussed. She just wanted the feel of Luke’s lips on hers, and she would do anything to have more time with him.
            “Mmm,” she moaned into his mouth, “I have missed you so.”
            Luke rolled his body on top of hers without breaking their lip lock, and brushed his hands deep into the tresses of her hair.
            “I have missed you as well, my lady. I loathe when my duties tear me away from you.”
            She felt his body stiffening, and knew he must be thinking the same thing: that tonight’s events could possibly pull them apart permanently. Shaking her head, she decided to focus on the moment. As they continued to kiss, she lazily traced her hands down his back, and then up under his white linen shirt. Caroline loved the feel of his warm flesh on her, and she gently ran her nails across him until she felt gooseflesh rise. Luke released a low groan and began kissing his way down her face and to her neck. Softly, he licked the skin of her collarbone, and planted a trail of tiny kisses towards her chest. His lips moved over the soft, swelling skin where her breasts met her bodice. With one finger, he gently tugged the fabric down."